The path to love and happiness starts with the understanding of your truth



Exploring love in all its many guises, best describes new online drama The Method of Love’s (TML), refreshing approach to the subject. Using modern day dilemmas to make sense of this age-old subject, TML seeks to take its viewers on a journey of self-discovery and introspection through the lives of the six central characters the show is based on. 


We have Chris, who is visually uncomfortable with his ‘playboy’ persona and lifestyle. He is at a crossroads in his life where he could either sink into the abyss of depression and depravity or swim for all his life’s worth; but is there someone to throw him a lifeline? Then there is his best friend and business partner Frankie, who on the surface wears the façade of a sexist egotistical male, happy to brag about female conquests, but beneath, hides a deeper secret of insecurity and desperateness for acceptance that will take him down roads he would rather not venture. Through the series we get to see how this side of Frankie threatens to ruin the very relationship he wants to protect most in this world. 


In direct contrast, Chris’ newlywed brother Niko is a die hard romantic whose enthusiastic displays of love over his wife April is positively nauseating to most people around them, and April’s syrupy sweet nature is nothing short of a sugar overload to most normal human beings.


However, behind each brother’s expression of love, lies a dark and troubled childhood that has shaped their emotions, and this gripping revelation is unveiled as the show unfolds.                


Chloe, is a childhood friend of Chris and is a dynamic and ambitious advertising executive. She and her long-term boyfriend Anthony are having difficulties as Chloe is finding it increasingly hard to commit to him, avoiding questions of marriage, children and generally if she loves him at all. Her cool, calm and collected exterior is being tested by her feelings for Chris, which she is finding harder and harder to control.


Finally, there’s Charlotte, a widow, who after the death of her husband left the responsibilities of a high flying job to become an obscure coffee shop waitress so she didn’t have to deal with the strains of life. On the surface all seems fine, but behind closed doors she is the polar opposite of someone in control as she struggles to deal with day-to-day living and the raising of her daughter Sade.


Showcasing some of London’s most hippest and interesting locations, The Method of Love is a cool and clever critique of love and the human condition. Viewers get to navigate their way through the characters’ innermost fears, passions and secrets as their lives continually force them to question how and who they love.




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