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  1. Isabella chinakwe says:

    Love, love, love this website. Love the navigation and the content! Can’t wait for the pilot. X

  2. RCV says:

    Love the concept of the website, can’t wait to see what the first episode is like. TML!! Xx

  3. Sheree Orelaja says:

    Website is great. Monologues are fantastic. Really looking forward to watching it when it’s out!

  4. Jamie Rose says:

    Really glad to see this unique drama start to take shape…loved watching the
    monologues very thought provocing. Looking forward to seeing the story unfold..sure this is a hit!!!! Good luck to cast and crew

  5. Bookie Anifowose says:

    I agree with Isabella. Found out about this on Twitter as it was retweeted by a few fellow actors I follow.

    Looks and sounds really interesting and the quality of work is also obvious from the pictures at the moment. Looking forward to seeing this and well done to all that took part in it.

    Let’s keep it up.

    Big Love.


  6. kym menzies-foster says:

    Hi Chucky,

    I missed your audition for Make-up artists! I did send an email but guess you had already picked your team. Anyway just want to wish you every success in this project and if I can give my support in any way just holla!

    Kym x

  7. Andrea says:

    Looking forward to TML can’t wait to watch it Chucky. xxx

  8. Loving the look of this – the synopsis has me hooked already can’t wait to see this played out…Well done cast and crew on making the vision come to life… Wishing you all the very best with it.

  9. val Campbell says:

    I have navigated the website a few times. Like what I c. I think when the full production is released it will be very thought provoking.
    I’ll reserve my comment for when it finally shown. Can’t wait

  10. Elayne says:

    What a tease! I am hooked – looking forward to the next instalment. Very well done!

  11. John-Samuel says:

    Awesome!! “THE METHOD OF LOVE” has finally launch 14th Fed 2014 great timing…I absolutely
    Love it what a breath of fresh air looking forward to the next episode Damn!!

  12. Cristina Audi says:


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