Chris Nduka played by Charles Venn

On the surface, Chris Nduka is the picture-perfect man: charming, attractive and very successful. Women are enamoured and intrigued by him. With an addictive and obsessive desire and preference for sex over love, a surprising development of feelings for a friend starts Chris on a journey of self-discovery that leads him to uncover family secrets that will change his life and those around him.







Charlotte Sobayo played by Sarah Akokhia

Charlotte is a beautiful and mysterious woman who on the surface seems simple, private and confident, but behind closed doors she hides the secret of her past and the effects of losing the love of her life, her husband in a terrible accident. With a 12 year old daughter to raise alone, Charlotte, focuses all her energy on providing as normal a life for her daughter as she can. To the few friends she has allowed into her life, she paints a composed picture, but no one knows the dark secret she hides that keeps her from completely losing it all. But hiding and running away can only last for so long, soon the past catches up with Charlotte and her life is revealed to all.









Niko Nduka played by Tyler Fayose

Niko is an artist, a lover of life and passionate about all he does. Unlike his brother Chris, Niko’s enthusiastic show of love and romance, is at best nauseating and borderline uncomfortable to witness.  He gushes over his wife April, in a fashion that suggests he is the first man on earth to experience such euphoria. But as a newly- wed and blinded by love, will Niko be able to sustain his passion and clouded view of love, when an unexpected development in his marriage and family threatens everything.








April Thomas-Nduka played by Marsha Leanne Crosby

As an only child to her parents, April has grown up spoilt and pampered and is very used to getting things her way. Her romance with Niko is a whirlwind and she is swept away by his charm, talent and looks.  Disregarding her family and friends concern to take their relationship slower , April is more than happy to marry Niko after only 6 months of knowing each other, but could this be the mistake that tests their relationship when an unexpected news  really shows how little they know each other.









Frankie Callahan played by Freddie Hog

Frankie is Chris’s wing man, business partner and best friend, his life revolves around making money and spending it.  To his friends and acquaintances Frankie comes across as secure and confident, chauvinistic and sexist, but behind his bravado lays insecurities. Insecurities he shares in a secret relationship with Davina. Frankie’s life is about to change when Chris starts questioning their lifestyle and starts distancing himself from the partying and Davina, his security blanket, decides it’s time to change the stability and security of their  relationship.






Davina Phillips played by Sarah Hannah

Davina Phillips is a successful PA to a hedge fund owner in the City. She is used to working with ambitious, hard-nosed, egotistical and sexist men. For the last 10 years with Cooper Dan, she is tasked with putting men in line, taking control of their life, business and personal. She has seen it all and more, so being in a secret relationship with Frankie fits in very well. With Frankie they share an honest and openness without restriction that to most would seem unimaginable and for the last 3 years life with Frankie has been great, easy and uncomplicated, but one day Davina wakes up and realises she wants more, more from her life and more from Frankie.








Anthony Lawson played by James Barnes

Anthony is suave and very much the gentleman. Has always prided himself on being very much a man’s man and the type of man any woman would be proud to be with. His 4 year relationship with Chloe has been his ultimate goal, Chloe is his perfect woman and completes his perfect dream, but Chloe’s circle of friends and most importantly her relationship with Chris threatens  to disrupt his carefully laid plans.








Chloe Morris played by Claire Spence Edmondson

Chloe is a solid, no nonsense attractive and successful woman who is comfortable with her intelligence, success and sexuality and is not afraid to play on it when needed, especially in a business world surrounded by men. Her relationship with Anthony Lawson for the last 4 years has helped cope with the stress of constantly competing in a male dominated field and Anthony has turned out to be a perfect gentleman, but is he perfect for her? With a marriage proposal looming, is Anthony her true love, or is there someone else closer to home that she should be with?








Annabel Sanu played by Anthonette Oshogwemoh

Annabel, is a maths and science teacher in her early 30s. Very well put together, sexy, intelligent and respected in school by her peers and students.

All her life Annabel has been taught by her single mother, how to be independent and how to behave like a lady, never to give it away and to think twice before picking her men, so when Annabel meets Chris Nduka in a club and he sweeps her off her feet, then wines and dines her, she is convinced that she has found the one, so how does she convince Chris that she is the one?








Elaine Muller played by Adi Alfa

Elaine is sexy, confident and very much in-love with her husband Richard, a published writer and lecturer. As a wife and business woman, Elaine seems to have it all. The perfect marriage and career, all would be perfect if only Elaine could get pregnant and carry a baby full term. With 3 miscarriages behind her, the pain and struggle to have a child and complete her perfect life threatens to tear her marriage apart. Filled with desperation, feelings of inadequacy and a desperate longing, Elaine finds herself contemplating dangerous methods to have her baby and save her marriage.



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