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Here comes TML


The Method of Love (TML), has been a work of passion and dedication with a group of talented people sharing the same vision, coming together to create something GREAT

We wanted to put something out there that reflects our society today,  showing the diversity of London, whilst addressing issues in LIFE and LOVE.

The INDUSTRY is full of onesided views of society and culture, OUR CULTURE, and through TML we want to show the TRUTH of who we are and how we live.

We need you to GET INVOLVED. Support TML by SHARING, liking,, TWEETING, posting and CREATING


Chucky Venn

  1. Lorna Graham says:

    I’ve been watching the TML teams website bloom and seeing the 1st teaser was amazing! Your all truly creatively gifted and I honestly can not wait for the launch. I also like that the date chosen is ‘Valentines day’ -lovely*

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